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Forgotten Tips for More Sales

Forgotten Tips for More Sales

These are all easy tasks that take very little time. However, they can increase your sales. You can also try all six and watch your sales rocket.
Your Prospects are Afraid of…

Your accurate contact information should include name, company name, and snail-mail address (physical is better than P.O. Include your phone number.

Why? Because prospects fear that you might not be who you claim to be.

Add all this information to your “about me” page. Include photos of yourself, your employees, and possibly your location. You’ll make it easy for people to trust you, and that will help you get more sales.

To increase your prospects’ status and make more sales, you need to elevate it.

People want to show others that they are better than them and to be respected. It’s human nature. This knowledge can be used to increase sales.

To feel more critical, you should embrace this tendency. Demonstrate to prospects how your product will improve their standing among peers, friends, and family. Demonstrate to prospects how valuable they will be as a result of purchasing your product.

Let your sales message come from a peer.

A peer of your ideal prospect is one of the secrets to increasing response to your sales message.

This means that you want your message from the same person who is selling you the product.

Are you targeting women in their 40s? Do you want your message to come from a woman in her 40s? Selling to investors? Let another investor send you your message, and so on.

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It is possible to take any promotion that you have right now and change the message, so it comes from the prospect’s peer. This will increase your response significantly.

This is especially important if you’re selling to someone who is skeptical. Hearing a message from someone who is very similar to you will melt resistance faster than anything. This simple technique can be split tested to see which response you get. You’ll be amazed at the sales increase you notice.

Concentrate on the benefits of the benefits

Benefits are crucial to the selling process. Although features are excellent, it’s the benefits that matter. The weight loss book has 300 pages and is beautiful. Those are features. If the plan is followed, the reader will lose weight.

What are the benefits of these benefits?

Consider the following example: What are the benefits of losing weight? Take this example:

Looking better
Feeling better
Living longer
Wearing clothes they already have
More confidence
Making heads and meeting people
So on.
It’s not enough to talk about the main benefit, in this instance, losing weight. It is essential to go deeper, to explain all the benefits that your customers will receive, and to paint a picture about their future after using your product.
Find the Story

Every product has a story. You just need to find it.

Take, for example, this headline by John Carlton.

“Amazing Secret: One-legged Golfer Adds 50 Yards to Your Drives, Eliminates Hooks & Slices… Can Slash Up To 10 Strokes From Your Game Almost Every Night!”

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I have zero interest in playing golf. None. But, after reading this headline, I was curious about the one-legged golfer.

Imagine if you were a golfer. Now, imagine how many golfers saw this headline. They couldn’t stop reading about the one-legged golfer.

This is the power of a great story.

Increase your Micro-Commitments

A person is more likely to commit to something if they are saved.

If you can convince someone to sign up for two or more of your mailing lists, they will be more likely to stay on your list.

They are also more likely than others to purchase.

Psychology has a general principle that says, “The more you commit to something, the more likely you are to stay with it for the long-term.”

Someone might declare that they will run. They just say it, and they forget about it within a week.

However, if the same person purchases new shoes and clothes, goes on running websites, subscribes to running magazines, and joins a running group, I can almost guarantee that they will run.

Your lists are the same. Subscribers will be more likely to sign up for multiple lists if they are interested in your niche or topic.

Let’s say that your niche is dogs. Your new subscribers might be interested in a course on dog training, a study on behavior modification, and a course on how to train dogs.

You can increase your chances of your readers becoming customers by getting more micro-commitments. They may even buy from you multiple times.


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