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Executive Coaching Through the Sales Perspective

Executive Coaching Through the Sales Perspective

Coaching – A Old Ritual Gains Momentum
Personal coaching might be a good option for you. Answer: If you are serious about achieving personal success.

Coaching isn’t a new art. In the past, many people had some kind of coach, including Kings, Queens, and Nobles (persons), as well as young warrior heroes. They were sometimes called Soothsayers or Wizards, Mentors or Handmaidens, and teachers. Assimilation of the wisdom of a mentor and coach is a concept that has been documented as far back as Genesis. Elders in the Temple are also familiar with the idea. Even fictional heroes had coaches. Luke Skywalker had Obi-Wan Kanobi; Batman had Albert. People who embraced the wisdom and experience of the ages learned from coaches were able to achieve higher levels in life.

What makes coaches so attractive? Coaching is a source of practical wisdom that helps us make tough decisions. There is no magic. They simply have the ability to look at the situation and see it from a distance. They are able to see the obvious in a logical way, so the problem is apparent.

This is done by coaching you to identify and answer difficult questions. These are the tough questions you avoid asking or fear to ask. This is an uncomfortable reality check that you will need to face on your own.

To Serve and Give

Once a coach has been hired, appointed, or assigned, their primary role is to serve and give. Start looking for a coach who is dedicated to your success. Few people offer the best coaches much attention and accolades. They are there to support and guide the team and not steal their thunder. They are not meant to do that.

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Coaching is not for you.

I don’t know of any classes that can make you a great coach after graduation. Wisdom is not something you can teach. This can only be learned through experience, utilizing a unique God-given talent, and caring about the person you are coaching. This is not to suggest that education doesn’t offer some sessions that will help you improve your listening skills and questioning abilities. These skills are essential for outstanding coaching. This is similar to teaching a great chef. While you can teach the correct temperatures and how to use your pans and recipes, there is something more special about Great Chefs. They are great because they love to cook and enjoy pleasing others. Similar is true for coaches. Great coaches love to solve difficult situations and have a passion for helping others.

Executive Coaching

Coaching might seem like it is only for the petite guy, the new hire, or the employee who needs extra help. These people are great candidates for coaching. The best coaching happens at the top. Super Bowl quarterbacks have strong personal relationships with their coaches. A special understanding. A coach understands what makes a quarterback tick. The coach knows his strengths, his team skills, his emotional side, and what motivates him.

Coaching business executives is the same. I have had the pleasure of working with many of the largest corporations in St. Louis (divisions Anheuser Busch and Ralston, TWA, etc. Some of these executives have been my clients. Many people are affected by the challenges they face and their ramifications. This level of coaching is the most rewarding and enjoyable for a coach.

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However, coaching a salesperson is an unforgettable experience. It is a beautiful feeling to watch your client grow in sales success (39%, 50%, then 100%), and it gives you a sense of pride and warmth. It’s like watching your son succeed as his own person, with his unique talents, and knowing that you were part of the shaping process.


If you’re serious about moving up in your career, ’99 is the year for you. You need to be open to the possibility of losing your coach. It will often be a painful ride.


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